Wharf Parcel 10

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  • Wharf-Parcel-10

About This Project

Brand new building base building. LEED project. Firstsource project. After the project was awarded the mechanical system was redesigned. The building was top out before we had the new mechanical design. During coordination there were multiple design changes due to the future tenants request to the owner and we had to go back and recoordinate areas.

Project Scope:
Base Building Mechancal and Plumbing on 8 levels. HVAC included Ductwork, TAB, Insulation, Temp. Controls, (1) Chiller, (1) AHU, (1) AWHTP, (5) WSHP, (31) DOAS VAV’s, (7) Split Systems, (13) Fans, (15) EUH, CHW pipe, HHW pipe, Refrigerant pipe, and Condensate pipe. Plumbing included Storm pipe, Waste & Vent pipe, Domestic water pipe, Gas pipe, Core restrooms, Domestic water booster pump, and insulation.


Washington, DC