Emergent BioSolutions – CIADM Facility Expansion


Baltimore, MD

Life Sciences
About This Project

Expansion of existing cGMP validated laboratory facility including the HVAC and Plumbing work.

  • Purchase and install of (9) new custom AHU’s and associated piping and ductwork including clean steam humidifiers.
  • Installation of new HEPA filters and fan powered HEPA filter units for cleanroom spaces.
  • New supply, return and exhaust ductwork for corridors, support spaces and cleanrooms.
  • Installation of (3) new roof top units for general corridors and office spaces.
  • Installation of (2) indoor AHU’s for electric and mechanical rooms.
  • Installation of new safety shower units and associated safety shower piping and master thermostatic mixing valve.
  • New sanitary waste and vent piping to accommodate new floor sinks, floor drains, laboratory scullery sinks and water heater installation.
  • Installation of (3) new steam to water heaters for domestic, laboratory and safety shower water loops.
  • Installation of (2) 250 BHP tube and shell boilers with associated control system, boiler flues, chemical treatment and condensate tempering equipment.
  • Installation of steam plant system consisting of high, medium and low pressure steam and associated condensate.
  • Installation of steam condensate collection skid and associated piping.
  • Installation of steam generator supplying the humidification coils within the custom AHU’s.
  • Installation of underslab process drainage system consisting of Smith centricast fiberglass pipe and fittings.
  • Installation of domestic water booster pump skid and associated domestic water backflow prevention station.